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Boost Your Immunity

Every shot is packed with concentrated mushroom extracts with immune boosting compounds.

100% Organic

We only use the best ingredients. USDA certified. Always Non-GMO.

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Improve Life quality

Increase mental and physical health while decreasing stress hormones.

Small Batches

Each batch is crafted by hand to ensure the highest quality and best flavor.

Our Shots 🍄

Inner Energy ⚡

Enjoy hours of clean energy and long lasting endurance with this shot.

☀️ Live probiotics and adaptogens
🍄 Freshly extracted cordyceps mushrooms
☕ Green tea

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Golden Immunity 💪

Boost your immune system with this health elixir.

☀️ Live probiotics and adaptogens
🍄 Freshly extracted turkey tail mushrooms
🍍 Pineapple and coconut juice

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Mental Magic 🧠

Crafted for optimal brain performance. Freshly harvested Lion's Mane mushrooms are extracted, then blended with our mix of living probiotics and blueberry and lemon juice.

☀️ Live probiotics and adaptogens
🍄 Lion's Mane mushrooms
🍋 Blueberry and lemon juice

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Living Probiotics

Living probiotics are what make our Shroomshots so special

Functional Mushrooms

Unlock millions of years of evolution. Every ingredient has a purpose.

Tastes Great

Every Shroomshot has a delicious and unique flavor that you will love.

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Mental Magic
Mental Magic
Mushroom Brain Supplement
Mushroom Brain Supplement

Mental Magic

Golden Immunity
Golden Immunity
Immune System Boosters
Golden Immunity
Golden Immunity
Immune System Boosters

Golden Immunity

Inner Energy
Inner Energy
Inner Energy
Best Cordyceps Supplement

Inner Energy


Why Staying Healthy Is so Hard...

Why is it so hard to stay healthy?

Some people believe they have poor immune systems when in actuality, that isn't true.

Really, a simple adjustment in diet can revolutionize your health.

Due to our modern diet, we are missing many nutrients that are essential to our health.

Adding another vitamin to our routine for nutrients isn't good enough.

Studies have shown pill supplements merely pass through the body and have no significant effect towards wellness.

Often, it's hard to know what's a health craze versus what actually works. We have a solution and it comes from the mushroom kingdom.

Mushrooms have been used as medicine long before any social media trend. Scientific studies have confirmed that many mushroom species such as our Turkey Tail and Lion's Mane mushrooms have concrete health benefits.

It's thought that hunters and gathers would use mushrooms to boost their immune systems. No wonder it's hard for us to stay healthy if all we see in the grocery stores are processed foods.

Research has shown again and again that Turkey Tail mushrooms are packed with antioxidants and immune boosting compounds that can strengthen the immune system.

So, why aren't we eating them everyday?

In Japan, PSK, an active compound found in Turkey Tail mushrooms, are used as adjunctive therapy in many cancer patients since the 1970's.

PSK has the ability to suppress the growth of certain cancers and boost the immune function for cancer patients.

Turkey Tail mushrooms also contain prebiotics which help nourish healthy bacteria in the gut. These bacteria interact with immune cells and directly impact your immune response

All of our wellness shots are the easiest and most delicious way to get all of the nutrients your body needs to stay and increase your health.

Being healthy should be fun (and delicious). That's why we made ShroomShots.

All About Our Mushrooms 🍄

Turkey Tail 🦃

Turkey Tail mushroom is species found commonly throughout the world. It is used for immune system support as it contains a high number of special compounds known as beta-glucans. Beta-glucans have been shown to stimulate our immune response, helping us to produce specialized immune cells which fight off bacteria and viruses.

Lions Mane 🦁

Lion's Mane mushroom is native to North America, Europe, and Asia growing on hardwood trees. This mushroom is well known for providing support to the brain and nervous system. It contains unique nutrients such as hericinones have been shown to stimulate nerve growth factor (NGF) which is crucial in the maintenance and regeneration of brain cells.

What the Research Says

“Polysaccharide-K (PSK) or krestin, from the mushroom T. versicolor, is an approved mushroom product used for cancer treatment in Japan. PSK has been used as an adjunctive cancer treatment in thousands of patients since the mid-1970s”
- National Cancer Institute

“The turkey tail mushroom has long been known to stave off any infection, including those associated with the common cold or flu. It helps your immune system become more resilient against ill-causing germs. When flu season approaches, you may want to include turkey tail as a supplement in your dietary routine.”
- Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DMN, CNS

“Lion's Mane encourages the bioprotein nerve growth factor, or NGF. If there is an imbalance in NGF and myelin, a substance found in the central nervous system, neurological diseases like Alzheimers can occur.

This mushroom may also improve cognitive function and memory. Lion's Mane powder can be added to tea or coffee for a brain boost and some added mental clarity."​
- Dr. Michelle Jeffries D.O., FAOCD, FAAD, IFMCP

Hericenones and erinacines were isolated from the fruiting body and mycelium of H. erinaceus, respectively, and most of the compounds promote NGF biosynthesis in rodent cultured astrocytes. These results suggest the value of H. erinaceus for the treatment and prevention of dementia.​
- Mycology, An International Journal on Fungal Biology

Reishi, lion’s mane, chaga and cordyceps contain powerful healing properties that boost your immune system and support healthy hormone production. Mushrooms are anti-viral and anti-inflammatory to support healthy liver function, optimized cholesterol levels and contain anti-cancer benefits.​
- Dr. Mark Hyman, MD

Are you ready to Explore the magical world of mushrooms?