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October 07, 2020 4 min read

With everything going on in the world it is easy to forget to attend to your mental health. Here are a few tips to help you manage your mental wellness while stuck at home.

No matter where you are, or what you do Coronavirus has had some impact on your life. For most people this is an extremely stressful time, whether it is creating a home office, learning how to be your child's teacher, trying to keep your company moving forward or just figuring out how to cope with being confined. Thankfully we have begun to see how our actions of staying at home and social distancing have been helping to slow the spread of COVID-19. However, it's time to check in with ourselves. There are many ways to help keep your mental health as well as your physical health in peak condition, here's a few of our go-tos.

Online or Personal Meditation

The beauty of meditation is that it varies widely. It can be anything from taking 30 seconds to shut out the world and only breathe, or going on a guided journey for an hour. Mediation can help relieve stress, lengthen your attention span, balance anxiety, promote memory strength, improve sleep, control pain, decrease blood pressure and much more. The benefits are endless. An easy way to begin incorporating mediation in your life can start with taking between 30 seconds and 5 minutes a day (or twice a day) to let your mind be still. If you’re worried about your mind wandering focus on your breath, each inhale and exhale or just tune in to your surroundings. Listen to the noise of the street in the background, the birds outside, or the rain on your window. For others, a longer guided meditation can help. Here are a few free sites to check out for a little encouragement.

- UCLA Health Guided Meditations

-Do Yoga With Me

- Tara Brach

-The Chopra Center

Give Back

There are so many philanthropies to choose from sometimes it may seem overwhelming. If you want to help those who have unfortunately been affected greatly by the pandemic there are many charities set up for Coronavirus relief. You can donate to a GoFundMe page of someone that you know or a friend of a friend and know exactly who you are helping and their personal story. There are hundreds of thousands of charities or organizations to donate to that need help more than ever with the added impact of Coronavirus.

Healing Crystals

The jury is still out on the science of healing crystals, however there is no harm in testing their abilities and many people strongly support their legitimacy based on positive results. Each crystal helps to balance or strengthen based on energy. Whether you need vitality or grounding there are crystals from the earth correlate. Healthline has a full detailed list of many common crystals and their advantages.

Learn a New Skill

Challenge your brain with learning a new language, becoming unbeatable at chess or building something in the backyard (this may even spark new business ideas!). Exercising your body is important but strengthening your mind matters too. It is also an easy way to distract yourself and not go down the rabbit hole of worrying about current events. If a new endeavor seems overwhelming, a classic crossword puzzle or Luminosity game will do the trick!

Immerse Yourself in Nature

If you can, depending on the restrictions in your state, try and get out as much as possible. If your beaches and parks are open, a nice stroll or run is a quick and easy way to clear your head. If you have time and are allowed to stay, have a picnic, read a book, string up a hammock or try a day trip on the weekend. Hiking is also a great way to stay active and take yourself out of the everyday battering of the media. If you are unable to reach wide open spaces or uncrowded trails a simple walk around the block can help. Notice the small things that you may not see on your normal rush to work. A neighbor may have a well-tended garden or there may be a beautiful tree you never noticed before. Every little bit adds up.

Sweat a Little

One of the easiest ways to release tension is to work up a little sweat. Not to mention keeping you in shape while gyms are closed. There are tons of free online workouts, especially now with social distancing requirements. Your local gym or fitness studio may be offering live workouts or a library of at-home workout videos that you can do solely with your body weight. Pilates, high-intensity interval training, yoga, boot camps, and cardio are just a few options that can all be found with the click of a button. Golds Gym and Corepower are offering free online classes/videos and there are many social media influencers posting workouts on Instagram and Youtube (Pamela rf, Planet Fitness, Women's Health).

Shawn Dunn
Shawn Dunn

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