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Our Story

Hello! We are Shawn and Justin Dunn, the brothers behind shroomworks.

Our company started with a passion for foraging wild plants and fungi growing in our local environment. 

At one point during a foraging journey, we came across the common and medicinal turkey tail mushroom. Excited, we brought it home and began researching. We came across more and more data on the importance of fungi in the environment and within the human body. With this knowledge, mushrooms became an added ingredient in homemade teas, tinctures, and smoothies.

Not soon after our discovery we both felt that mushrooms were something that needed to be shared with the world, but it had to be done the RIGHT way.

We set very high standards for ourselves, not willing to compromise on ingredients. Our mushrooms are sourced from the highest quality farms that use pure extracts from mushrooms grown on wood. Everything in our products is 100% organic and contain no chemical or artificial ingredients. We believe that real healing products need to be made from real ingredients that can be found in nature. 

It is now our mission to bring mushrooms to the world in the most fun, delicious, and impactful way.

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