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What's in your shots?

All of our shots contain 1,000mg of functional mushroom extracts, live probiotics, and adaptogens. We've got you covered for all natural focus, energy, and immune support.

What does it taste like?

We have spent years crafting flavors that taste amazing without compromising on functionality. We do not use any natural flavors or artificial sweeteners. Our flavors come from 100% organic fruits, botanicals, herbs, spices and fungi.

What are functional mushrooms?

Functional mushrooms are species of fungi that contain active compounds that are beneficial for human health. These compounds may help in various ways including cognitive function, immune support, stress reduction, and energy enhancement. It is important to use mushrooms that are grown on wood as they have higher levels of beneficial compounds such as beta-glucans when compared to mushrooms grown on grain.

When is the best time to take your shots?

Our shots can be taken any time of the day however, you should consider what you are taking them for. You may want to avoid our mental magic and inner energy shots before sleep as they are mildly stimulating. 

Are your products organic?

All of our products are 100% organic. Sourcing organic mushrooms is particularly important as their permeable flesh leads to bioaccumulation of pesticides and other toxins.

Do the shots need to be refrigerated?

Yes, due to the live probiotic cultures our shots need to be refrigerated to avoid over carbonation.

How long can I store them?

Our shots are good for three months after they are bottled. Expiration dates can be found on the sticker on the top of the lid in the format of mm/dd/yy. 

My shots arrived at room temperature. Is this okay?

Our shots can withstand periods of time outside of the fridge but it is best to keep them cold. As long as you receive your shots within 3-4 days of shipment they will be good to consume. If your shipment is delayed and you find that the shots are over carbonated please reach out and we can replace your order. 


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